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Some Baffling Monster (2013)

This project is an exploration of anecdotes in the context of a typical story arch borrowed from the 1963 film ‘Hud’. The plot is reduced to its thinnest (but still effective) form, and all performativity is reduced to the most minimal movements and characterization, requiring us to concentrate on the anecdotes the characters tell to understand the subtext and psychology occurring in this family drama about inheritance and father-son relationships.

“Walsh’s real interest, however, seems to be how we shape our world through pattern and perception. As their anecdotes teem and multiply, characters attempt to mythologise or demystify reality, stopping occasionally to examine the power of their own rhetoric.” The Irish Times

“When we reclaim our jackets it might be hard to shake a lingering sense of Jacob, and the baffling beast in all of us” Stage Irish Fan


Actors: Shane Connolly, Kyle Hixon and Rick Seery
Directed by Dick Walsh

Co-Presented with Pan Pan Theatre

Performed at:

  • Some Baffling Monster | Project Arts Centre 2014

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    Some Baffling Monster (2013) – Richard Walsh Theatre

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