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DRAINAGE SCHEME premieres at DUBLIN FRINGE 2023 on the Abbey Peacock, Sept 11th-16th:



Set in 18th Century Kerry, Drainage Scheme is the result of 5 years research into the time and place. The story takes place at a time of radical change in rural society, brought about by the evolution of global trade that saw Southwest Munster convert to a pasture mono-economy. The narrative follows a family who take on a contract to carry out drainage work (digging), vital for conversion of land to pasture and explores how the power dynamics within the family shift when they have to negotiate a precarious financial situation arising from the wider changes in trade. The characters in the play live on the edges of society and are struggling to survive. Whilst set in the 18th century, the play is as much about now as it is about then.

For more on the history check out the podcast Lixnaw 1752 which we made for some interesting insights into the place and the history.

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CAST: Ginna Alvarez, Shane Connelly, Timmy Creed, Donncha Crowley, Pat McGrath, Roxanna Nic Liam, Daniel Rorke and Billie Traynor.

MUSIC: Brian Walsh

DESIGN: Aedin Cosgrove

COSTUME: Miriam Donahue

DRAMATURG: Thomas Conway

PRODUCER: Gwen Van Spyk


Concept Developed with Shane Connolly, James Moran,  Emma O’Grady and Brian Walsh.

Supported by Dublin Fringe, Arts Council Project Award, Kerry Co. Co. and St. John’s Theatre, Listowel.